½  sandwich with a Cup of soup,

½ mixed Salad with a cup of soup, or

½ sandwich with ½ mixed salad

Turkey Cranberry

Roasted onion, tomato, spring mix, mayo, turkey, cranberry sauce on a kaiser roll bun.

Sweet Potato

Avocado, red onion, tomato, provolone, spring mix, tahini poppy spread on wheat bread.

Jay’s Tuna

Blend of white albacore tuna, dill, celery, mayo, mustard, spring mix, tomato and cream cheese on sourdough.


Avocado, spring mix, tomato, onions, ham, and chipotle mayo on wheat bread.


Rosemary chicken, mayo, olive tapenade, roasted tomatoes, spring mix on sourdough.

Egg salad

Egg salad, relish, spring mix, tomatoes, mustard, and mayo on sourdough.

Chicken Avocado

Rosemary chicken, roasted onion, tomato, spring mix, mayo, mustard on a focaccia bun.


Bacon, spring mix, tomato, mustard, mayo on wheat bread. For BLTA + $1